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Honeywell 620-0636 Processo Module

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The 620-06 Processor Module is a self-contained, single-module processor consisting of a logic processor, program memory, a 16-bit register area, and an I/O status area.

Battery Compartment

  • Battery Type: AA lithium dry cell battery
  • Backup Power: Provides power to the Memory and Register area
  • Battery Installation: Installed when shipped; front-accessible by removing the battery cover plate
  • Output: 3.0 volts
  • Backup Duration: Minimum of 6 months


  • Lithium batteries are prohibited from passenger aircraft.
  • Potentially hazardous conditions to avoid:
    • Recharging
    • Incineration
    • Short circuit
    • Forced overcharge (reversal)
    • Use or storage outside of the specified temperature range
    • Puncturing, crushing, or disassembling

Frontplate Features

  • 3-Position Mode Control Keyswitch:

    • PROGRAM: For programming mode
    • DISABLE: To disable operations
    • RUN/PROGRAM: For running or programming operations
  • Status LEDs:

    • RUN LED: Indicates that the 620-06 is scanning
    • FORCE LED: Indicates that one or more program instructions are in the forced state
    • PASS LED: Indicates passing module self-test
    • BATTERY PASS LED: Indicates that the battery is good
  • 9-pin D Connector: Loader/Terminal connection point

    • Configuration: RS422 operation
    • Data Rate: 9600 Baud
    • Reference Manuals:
      • 623-6000 LOADER/TERMINAL USER MANUAL (Form 623-8987)
      • 623-60 MS-DOS LOADER USER MANUAL (Form 623-8986)

Internal Components

  • Printed Circuit Boards:
    • Processor Printed Circuit Board:
      • Contains a Motorola 68B09E microprocessor
      • Includes program memory and data tables

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