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Vibromete 110-210-000-033 Velocity Transducer

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This low-frequency measuring system is suitable for the special requirements of hydraulic turbomachinery. Hydro machines generally operate at low speed, between 60 and 1000 RPM. The CV 210 velocity transducer is principally recommended for vibration measurements in this frequency range (1 Hz to 20 Hz). Good sensitivity and rugged design make the CV 210 suitable for all types of industrial low-speed machinery. Its stainless steel case and watertight sealed connector allow it to withstand damp and corrosive environments. In very harsh industrial environments, the transducer should be fitted with its cable assembly protected by a flexible metal sheath. An optional TA 114 mounting adapter is available to rigidly clamp the transducer to the machine.


  • Power Requirements: No external power source required.
  • Directionality: Sensitive only to vibration along the longitudinal axis.
  • Signal Transmission: 2-wire system insulated from casing, voltage output.
  • Dynamic Measuring Range:
    • 50 mm/s peak up to 70 Hz
    • 100 mm/s peak between 70 and 400 Hz
  • Overload Capacity (Spikes):
    • Axial Direction: 50 g max. (100 g peak survival)
    • Transverse Direction: 10 g operating, 30 g survival
  • Nominal Resonant Frequency: 28 Hz (undamped)
  • Transverse Sensitivity: 5% max. of response along sensitive axis
  • Insulation Resistance: >10 MΩ


  • Operating Temperature Range: -40°C to +100°C
  • Shock Acceleration: 500 g peak, half-sine pulse 1 ms
  • Humidity: IP 66 protection class according to IEC 529 standard

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