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Automation module GE Fanuc IC200ALG265

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Brand: GE Fanuc Item No: IC200ALG265
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Automation module GE Fanuc IC200ALG265




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Product Description

The IC200ALG265 is a 15-Channel, 15-Bit Voltage Analog Input Module manufactured by GE Fanuc for its Versamax Series. This module acts as an interface to 15 voltage inputs. The IC200ALG265 module is single-ended and all inputs share a common return. The module is rated for use in SIL2 applications, and it features improved overvoltage protection and improved internal diagnostics. Typically, the IC200ALG265 protects against voltages up to 30V DC. It is approved by the Technical Inspection Association (TUV) for use in the safety-relevant section of a GMR system.

The IC200ALG265 has an input voltage of between -10 V to +10 V and an input impedance of 100 K Ohms minimum. The IC200ALG265 does not require any external power source to run its operations; however, power for the user’s transceivers must be supplied from an external source. This unit is compatible with CPU/NIU, and they are in control of performing intelligent processing for this module. The IC200ALG265 provides 15 words of analog data input, and in the event of a module failure or loss of power, analog inputs are software-configurable to either default or hold the last state.

The current input module is equipped with a jumper on the carrier terminals that selects either 4-20mA or 0-20mA input ranges. However, it is important to know that both input and output modules report internal hardware error upon detection of an A/D conversion malfunction in excess of +/-6%. The module detects this malfunction by applying a known stimulus to the A/D conversion path and authenticating the expected result.

The IC200ALG265 turns off the OK LED whenever an expected error occurs three times in a row. It reports the malfunction to the CPU/NIU. If this occurs, the module must be replaced or power cycled to clear the error.