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ProvibTech TM0180-07-00-08-05-02 Transmission Protection Table

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Introduction to Proximity Probe Transducers:

Proximity probe transducers are used to measure the static and dynamic distance between the target and the probe.

ProvibTech’s TM Series Proximity Probes Measure the Following:

  • Radial vibration: Used for indicating bearing condition and measuring machine malfunctions such as rotor imbalance, misalignment, and shaft crack.
  • Axial thrust position: Used for determining thrust bearing wear or potential bearing failure.
  • Shaft radial position: Used for determining shaft position relative to rotor attitude angle, an indicator of rotor stability and shaft alignment.
  • Vibration amplitude and phase angle: Used for diagnostic information in Polar and Bode formats or for vector monitoring.
  • Eccentricity: Used to measure the shaft bow during startup of large turbine machinery.
  • Phase reference: Used for measuring shaft rotation speed and phase angle of shaft vibration for monitoring and diagnostic purposes.



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