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9907-186 | GS10 Woodward Load Sharing Module

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Woodward 9907-186 Module

Woodward 9907-186 is a digital engine controller commonly used to monitor and control the operation of internal combustion engines. The following is an introduction to its functions, working principles, and technical parameters:
1. Monitor and control the speed, temperature, pressure and other parameters of the internal combustion engine;
2. Provide automatic adjustment function, which can automatically adjust the working status of the internal combustion engine according to the set parameters;
3. Supports remote communication interfaces, allowing for data exchange and remote monitoring with other devices;
4. Provide fault diagnosis and alarm functions, promptly detect and handle equipment failures;
5. It can achieve automatic start and stop functions.
Working principle:
Woodward 9907-827 obtains various parameters of the internal combustion engine through sensors and converts them into digital signals for processing. The algorithm and logic circuit inside the controller can be automatically adjusted according to the set parameters, while monitoring the operating status of the equipment and conducting fault diagnosis and alarm. The controller can also communicate with other devices to achieve remote monitoring and data exchange.
Technical parameter introduction:
1. Input signal type: Supports multiple sensor signals, such as analog and digital signals;
2. Output signal type: Digital signal, can be used to control actuators or output to external devices;
3. Working voltage: usually 24VDC, can also be customized according to needs;
4. Working temperature range: -40 ° C to 85 ° C;
5. Communication interface: Supports multiple communication protocols, such as Modbus, etc;
6. Size and installation method: Depending on the specific model, it is usually a standard size control module that can be easily installed on the device.
In summary, Woodward 9907-827 is a powerful digital engine controller that can be widely used in the monitoring and control field of internal combustion engines, helping users achieve automated control and remote monitoring.




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