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AAI543-S50 S1 | Yokogawa | Analog Output Module
AAI543-S50 S1 | Yokogawa | Analog Output Module
AAI543-S50 S1 | Yokogawa | Analog Output Module

    AAI543-S50 S1 | Yokogawa | Analog Output Module

      Brand: Yokogawa Item No: AAI543-S50 S1
      Type: PLC Warranty: 1 year
      Service: One Year Warranty Quality: 100% New And Origin
      Delivery Time: 1-3 Days Condition: In Stock
      Product information:

      Analog Output Module
      AAI543-S50 S1 is an analog output module that can convert digital signals into analog signal outputs. This module has the characteristics of high precision, high speed, and high reliability, and can be used in industrial automation control systems.
      **Working principle:**
      This module adopts digital signal processing technology to convert the input digital signal into an analog signal output. It can communicate with other devices through bus interfaces to achieve data transmission and control.
      **Technical parameters:**
      -Input voltage: DC 24V
      -Output voltage range: 0-10V
      -Output current range: 4-20mA
      -Resolution: 16 bits
      -Accuracy: ± 0.05%
      -Update rate: 10ms
      The above is an introduction to the main functions, working principles, and technical parameters of the AAI543-S03 module.

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