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ABB 87TS01E GJR2368900R2313 Coupler Module

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The 87TS01E (GJR2368900R2313) is a Coupler Module designed to connect HMI systems, such as the Process Operator Station 'POS30', or PROCONTROL Gateway for 800xA, to a PROCONTROL Master Station system. Communication between the HMI system and the PROCONTROL system occurs through the CPS software package on the computer side and via the module 87TS01E on the PROCONTROL side.


  • The 87TS01E module can be plugged into any station of the PROCONTROL bus system.
  • It utilizes a standard interface with the PROCONTROL station bus.
  • Received telegrams over the bus are checked by the module for error-free transmission based on their parity bits.
  • Through its Ethernet interface, the module can receive or transmit instructions and data, according to the TCP/IP protocol, to or from the CPS.


  • Dimensions: 1.5" x 10.0" x 8.0" (3.8 cm x 25.4 cm x 20.3 cm)
  • Weight: 1 lbs 2.4 oz (0.5 kg)
  • The module uses a Connector for ModuleBus Optical Port.
  • Mechanical keying prevents insertion of the wrong module type.

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