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ABB GJR2389800R1210 81ET03 Temperature Input Module

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The 81ET03 module serves as a substitute for various input modules with sensors. It contains 4 function units, which may optionally be configured for measuring circuits that include thermocouples and/or resistance thermometers designed for 4-wire connections. Each measuring circuit is monitored separately.


  • The module can be plugged into any PROCONTROL station with an external power supply unit and is equipped with a standard interface for the PROCONTROL station bus.
  • It sends the converted input signals (in the form of telegrams) to the PROCONTROL bus system via the station bus.
  • The telegrams undergo checks before they are sent and are marked with test flags.
  • The individual measuring circuits are activated via a relay multiplexer and are therefore individually potential-free.
  • Input signals are transmitted to the processing section as potential-isolated signals.
  • Up to four limit signals can be generated for every measured value.


  • The adaptation to the temperature sensor, the relevant measuring range, and the type of compensation is done separately for each measuring circuit with the programming, diagnosis, and display system (PDDS).
  • The module is used for connecting various types of sensors, including thermocouples of various types and resistance thermometers of various types.
  • For resistance thermometer input, the module is provided with an automatic calibration function.

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