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ABB TK821V020 3BSC950202R1 Battery Cable
ABB TK821V020 3BSC950202R1 Battery Cable
ABB TK821V020 3BSC950202R1 Battery Cable

    ABB TK821V020 3BSC950202R1 Battery Cable



      • Product type: Prefabricated cable
      • Length: 2 meters
      • Function: Connects batteries to a system


      1. Safe and reliable connection: Ensures secure and reliable power transfer between batteries and equipment.
      2. High-quality materials: Built with durable materials to handle demanding currents without issues.
      3. Secure design: Minimizes the risk of electrical hazards with secure connections and insulation.
      4. Flexible: Likely flexible for easier installation in tight spaces.


      • Industrial automation systems: Connects batteries providing backup power to PLCs, control systems, and other industrial equipment.
      • Renewable energy systems: Used in solar or wind power systems to connect batteries for energy storage.
      • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems: Connects batteries in UPS systems providing backup power to critical electronic equipment.
      • Any application requiring a safe and reliable battery connection.

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