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Bently Nevada 330780-51-CN Proximitor Sensor

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330780-51-CN Proximitor Sensor

Proximitor Sensor
The 3300 XL NSv Proximitor Sensor has similar features to those found in the 3300 XL 8 mm Proximitor Sensor.  Its thin design allows the user to mount it in either a high-density DIN-rail installation or a more traditional panel mount
configuration. Improved RFI/EMI immunity allows the 3300 XL NSv Proximitor Sensor to achieve European CE mark approvals without any special mounting considerations.  This RFI immunity also prevents nearby high frequency radio signals from adversely affecting the transducer system. SpringLoc terminal strips on the Proximitor Sensor require no special installation tools and facilitate faster, highly robust field wiring connections.

Proximity Probe and Extension Cable
The 3300 NSv probe and extension cable are mechanically and electrically compatible and interchangeable with Bently Nevada’s previous 3300 RAM proximity probe and extension cable.  The NSv probe has increased chemical resistance compared to the 3300 RAM probe, which allows its use in many process compressor applications. The side-view characteristics of the 3300 NSv probe are also superior to those of the 3000-series 190 probe when gapping the 3300 NSv probe at the same distance from the probe target. 
The 3300 NSv probe comes in varying probe case configurations, including armored and unarmored ¼ -28, 3⁄8 -24, M8 X 1 and M10 X 1 probe threads.  The reverse mount 3300 NSv probe comes standard with either 3⁄8 -24 or
M10 X 1 threads.  All components of the transducer system have gold-plated brass ClickLocconnectors.  ClickLoc connectors lock into place and prevent the connection from
loosening.  The patented TipLocmolding method provides a robust bond between the probe tip and the probe body.  Bently Nevada’s patented CableLocdesign provides 220 N (50lb) of pull strength and securely attaches the probe cable to the probe tip. Connector protectors are recommended for use on the probe-to-extension cable connection, as well
as on the cable-to-Proximitor Sensor connection.  Connector protectors prevent most liquids from entering into the ClickLoc connectors and adversely affecting the
electrical signal(2). 
(1) ProximitorSensors are supplied by default from the factory calibrated to AISI 4140 steel. 
Calibration to other target materials is available upon request.
(2) Silicone tape is also provided with each 3300 NSv extension cable and can be used instead of connector protectors.  Silicone tape is not recommended in applications where the probe-to-extension cable connection will be
exposed to turbine oil.




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