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Emerson Ovation 5X00058G01 HART Analog Input Module

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It's an Analog Input HART Module. This means it takes analog signals (continuous electrical signals) from field devices like pressure transmitters, temperature sensors, etc., and converts them into digital data that the DeltaV system can understand. The "HART" part refers to Highway Addressable Remote Transducer protocol, which allows for two-way communication between the module and the connected devices, enabling remote configuration and diagnostics.


Like the power supply unit, it's used in various process industries for connecting field devices to the DeltaV system and providing process data for monitoring and control.

Technical details:

Based on available information, it appears to have 8 analog input channels. Its weight is around 0.83kg. You can find references to its user manual online, suggesting it's still an actively supported product.

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