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GE Fanuc IC200ERM002E VersaMax Expansion Receiver

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Detailed Introduction

GE IC200ERM002E is an Ethernet network interface module provided by GE (General Electric), belonging to the Versamax series. This module provides a high-speed and stable Ethernet connection for industrial automation and control systems to achieve fast data transmission and remote monitoring.

Detailed Information

  • Function and Purpose: The IC200ERM002E Ethernet network interface module is used to connect PLC systems to Ethernet networks. It supports the TCP/IP protocol, allowing PLC systems to communicate and exchange data with other network devices such as computers, servers, and other PLCs. Through Ethernet connection, users can remotely access and control PLC systems, enabling remote monitoring, data acquisition, and analysis functionalities.

  • Technical Specifications: The module features a high-speed Ethernet interface supporting transmission rates of 10/100Mbps. It provides easy-to-configure network parameter settings, including IP address, subnet mask, gateway, etc. Additionally, the module supports various communication protocols such as Modbus, Ethernet/IP, etc., to adapt to different industrial automation requirements.

  • Application Fields: GE IC200ERM002E Ethernet network interface module is widely used in various industrial automation and control systems. It can be applied in production lines, mechanical equipment, energy management, building automation, and other fields to help users achieve remote monitoring and control of devices, thereby improving production efficiency and system reliability.

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