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Honeywell 51400989-100 Operator Keyboard

    Honeywell 51400989-100 Operator Keyboard


      Product Type:
      Operator Keyboard: It's a physical input device designed for use with Honeywell control systems or equipment.

      Allows users to interact with the system by entering commands, data, and settings.
      May feature alphanumeric keys, function keys, navigation keys, and potentially a small display for visual feedback.

      Details from External Sources:
      Radwell International (distributor): Lists it as an "HMI/MMI/OIT" (Human Machine Interface/Man Machine Interface/Operator Interface Terminal).
      Yuyi Technology (Taiwanese automation company): Offers it as an "Operator Keyboard."

      Additional Information:
      Compatibility: Determining the specific control systems or equipment it's compatible with requires further research or consultation with Honeywell.
      Features and Specifications: Details regarding key layout, display size, connectivity, and other technical aspects are currently limited.

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