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Honeywell CC-PAIL51 Low-Level Analog Input Module

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The Low Level Analog Input (LLAI) Module accepts up to 16 channels of temperature inputs from RTD & TC.

Notable Features:

  • TC and RTD operation
  • Remote cold junction compensation capability
  • 1-second PV scanning with OTD protection
  • Configurable OTD protection (see below)

Temperature Support: The LLAI module supports RTD and Thermocouple (TC) inputs. The Temperature variable is collected from all points at a 1-second rate. The 1-second update includes a configurable check for Open Thermocouple Detection (OTD) (see below) before propagation of the temperature variable. All TC inputs are compensated using a Cold Junction Compensation (CJC) device.

Sampling and Open Sensor Detect: The LLAI IOM supports RTD and Thermocouples with a configuration parameter for Open Sensor Detect before PV delivery if so configured. With the OTD configuration active, the PV is sampled and held while an OTD cycle is performed within the same measurement window. If the OTD is negative, the PV is propagated up through the system. If the OTD is positive, the PV is set to NAN, and the input channel soft failure is set. In this way, no inappropriate control action occurs for PV values that are invalid due to an open thermocouple. PV sampling/reporting incurs no added delays from OTD processing.

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