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Meggitt IQS450 204-450-000-002-A2-B21-H05-I0 Proximity Measuring System

SKU: IQS450 204-450-000-001
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  • Manufacturer: Meggitt (Vibro-Meter)
  • Product No.: 204-450-000-001-A2-B21-H05-I1
  • Product Type: Proximity Measuring System
  • Model: 204-450-000-001
  • Environment (A): 2 = Explosive Ex i
  • Sensitivity (B): 21 = 8 mV/um, 2 mm
  • Total System Length (H): 05 = 5 m
  • Installation (I): 1 = Signal conditioner assembled on MA 130 mounting adaptor
  • Weight: 0.22 Kg

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