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Original ABB REM610B11HCHR Feeder Protection
Original ABB REM610B11HCHR Feeder Protection

    Original ABB REM610B11HCHR Feeder Protection


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      ABB REM610B11HCHR feeder protection is a device used to protect and control feeders in power systems. It has high-performance digital protection functions, which can detect faults in a timely manner and take necessary measures to protect equipment and personnel safety.
      Working principle:
      REM610B11HCHR detects faults in real-time by monitoring the current, voltage, and other parameters in the power system. Once a fault is detected, it will immediately take control measures, such as disconnecting circuits or adjusting equipment parameters, to protect the power system and related equipment.
      Technical parameters:
      1. Support multiple protection functions, such as overload protection, short circuit protection, grounding protection, etc.
      2. High precision measurement function, capable of accurately monitoring parameters such as current, voltage, and frequency.
      3. Programmable logic control function, capable of controlling and protecting according to specific logic conditions.
      4. Supports communication interfaces, enabling data exchange and remote control with other devices.
      5. It has flexible configuration options and can be customized according to actual needs.
      In summary, ABB REM610 feeder protection has high-performance protection functions and flexible configuration options, which can effectively protect feeder equipment in the power system and improve system reliability and safety.



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