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Triconex 3706 Thermocouple Analog Input Module

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The Triconex 3706 is a component of the Tricon v10 Systems, providing support for a wide range of modules tailored to meet customer requirements. The triplicated I/O bus ensures efficient data transfer between I/O modules and Main Processors at a speed of 375 kilobits per second.


  • Flexibility: Supports various Triconex protocols and applications.
  • Performance: Enables user-written applications on Ethernet (802.3) networks.
  • Communications and Integration: Supports RS-232 and RS-485 serial communication with Modbus devices, TriStation 1131, and GPS for time synchronization.
  • Maintenance: Features a hot spare slot for continuous operation, easy diagnostics for quick status and fault analysis, online modifications and changes, and online module replacement.


  • DC Specifications: Includes rear panel Analog Backplane connector and transducer conversion.
  • Accuracy: +/- (ppm of reading + ppm of range) (ppm = parts per million) (e.g., 10ppm = 0.001%).
  • Function Range: 1
  • Resolution: 1
  • Test Current or Burden Voltage: 1
  • Input Resistance or Open Circuit Voltage: 2
  • 24 Hour: 3
  • 23°C ± 1°, 90 Day 23°C ± 5°, 1 Year 23°C ± 5°
  • Temperature Coefficient: 0° -18°C & 28° - 50°C

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