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Woodward 9905-966 6 Channel Input Module 24vdc Rev K

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Key Features and Specifications:

  • Automatic Synchronization of Generators: Provides automatic frequency and phase matching when used with 2301, 2301A, and EPG (Electrically Powered Governor) electric load sharing control systems.

  • Adjustable Dynamics: The dynamics of the system can be adjusted to suit the specific requirements of your application.

  • Frequency, Phase, and Optional Voltage Matching: Ensures that the generator is operating at the correct frequency and phase, and it can also match the voltage if required.

  • Selectable Match-Up Time: Allows you to select the time it takes for the generator to match up with the grid.

  • Automatic Circuit Breaker Closure: Automatically closes the circuit breaker when the conditions are right.

  • Selectable Output Impedance: Enables you to select the output impedance to suit your specific application.


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