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Yokogawa AAI543-S53 Analog Output Module
Yokogawa AAI543-S53 Analog Output Module
Yokogawa AAI543-S53 Analog Output Module

    Yokogawa AAI543-S53 Analog Output Module



        • Number of Channels: 16, each isolated from each other to prevent electrical interference.
        • Output Signal: 4 to 20 mA current loop, a common standard in industrial automation.
        • Isolation Voltage: 1500 V AC between the input and the system for safety.
        • Data Update Period: 10 milliseconds, which means it can update the output signal very quickly.
        • Accuracy: ±16 μA, which means it can convert the digital signal to a very precise analog signal.
        • Temperature Drift: ±16 μA per 10°C change in ambient temperature. This specifies how much the output signal might drift due to temperature variations.

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