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Yokogawa AFF50D-H41111 Process Control Systems

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  • Processor: VR5432 (133 MHz)
  • Main Memory Capacity: 64 MB
  • Flash Memory Capacity: 16 MB
  • Communication Ports: 2 × RS-232C, 1 × 100BASE-TX
  • Power Supply: AC 100 to 240 V, 50/60 Hz


  • Duplexed configuration: This means the AFF50D-H41111 consists of two identical units operating in parallel, providing redundancy and fault tolerance.
  • Field control unit: It likely functions as a central controller for field devices in an industrial automation system, such as sensors, actuators, and valves.
  • Communication capabilities: It can communicate with other devices via RS-232C and Ethernet connections.
  • Flash memory storage: This allows for storing programs and configuration data for the field devices.


  • Process control systems: The AFF50D-H41111 is likely used in various industrial process control applications, such as chemical plants, oil and gas refineries, and power plants.
  • Factory automation: It could also be used in factory automation systems for controlling machinery and production processes.
  • Building automation: In some cases, it might be employed in building automation systems for managing HVAC, lighting, and other building systems.

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