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Yokogawa ALE111-S51 Ethernet Communication Module
Yokogawa ALE111-S51 Ethernet Communication Module
Yokogawa ALE111-S51 Ethernet Communication Module

    Yokogawa ALE111-S51 Ethernet Communication Module


      The Yokogawa ALE111-S51 is an Ethernet communication module designed to seamlessly integrate with Yokogawa’s Field Control Station (FCS) systems. Let’s explore its key features and specifications:
      Functional Overview:

      Enables Ethernet Connectivity: The ALE111-S51 bridges the gap between the FCS and Ethernet-based subsystems, facilitating data exchange and communication.
      Expands System Capabilities:
      This module empowers the FCS to connect with a wider range of industrial automation devices and systems that utilize Ethernet protocols.
      Streamlines Communication:
      By leveraging Ethernet technology, the ALE111-S51 ensures efficient and reliable data transfer within your industrial automation network.
      Key Features:

      Supports ISA Standard G3:
      The ALE111-S51 adheres to the ISA-S75.03 (G3) standard for physical layer specifications, guaranteeing compatibility with a vast array of industrial automation equipment.
      Standard Type:
      This module is categorized as a standard type, suitable for environments without hazardous material risks.
      Compact Design:
      The ALE111-S51 boasts a lightweight and compact form factor, simplifying installation within space-constrained control cabinets.

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